Release of Heavily Revised Version of NanoGong with Moodle 2 Integration

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The following is an unchanged announcement from the Nanogong creators on

You may be interested to know that we have just released a new version, 4.2.2, of the NanoGong activity module and the NanoGong TinyMCE plugin for Moodle 2.

This version includes several new features, improved security checking and bug fixes. Here are some of them:

  • You can now add NanoGong voice recordings in the HTML editor inside the Quiz activity module and Assignment activity module
  • Security has been improved when NanoGong voice messages are uploaded
  • Teachers can now delete student recordings in the NanoGong activity module
  • Teachers can now lock a student from doing any changes in the NanoGong activity module
  • Efficiency of the NanoGong activity module and TinyMCE plugin has been greatly improved

When considered in conjunction with our previous update released a few weeks ago (11 June 2012 – version 4.2.1), there have now been extensive improvements since the original release of NanoGong for Moodle 2 on 25 May 2012. For full details see .
We do recommend you download this latest version of the NanoGong extensions for Moodle 2. You can download them from the NanoGong downloads page:

If you have not installed the NanoGong extensions for Moodle 2 before:

You can download and install the NanoGong extensions by following the installation instructions here: 

You can also watch the installation instructions video here:

Direct video link:

If you have installed the NanoGong extensions for Moodle 2 before, and you want to upgrade to version 4.2.2:

If you are going to upgrade your current installation of the NanoGong TinyMCE plugin for Moodle 2, first, you need to download, extract and install the NanoGong TinyMCE plugin and filter once again.

Then, you need to replace these two lines of code near the end of the lib.php file insidemoodle/lib/editor/tinymce/, i.e.:

$params[‘plugins’] .= ‘,nanogong’;
$params[‘theme_advanced_buttons3′] .=’,nanogong’;

with these four lines of code:

if (isset($options[‘maxfiles’]) and $options[‘maxfiles’] != 0) {
$params[‘plugins’] .= ‘,nanogong’;
$params[‘theme_advanced_buttons3′] .=’,nanogong’;
You can also find the above four lines of code in the NanoGong TinyMCE plugin installation instructions here: 

Thanks a lot,

Prof. David Rossiter and Dr. Gibson Lam
The Gong Project

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  1. Hello!

    I’ve just installed the nanogong plugin for TINY MCE ( in moodle 2 (2.3). The installation gone fine but in test activity with questions type multiple choise, the icon of speaker doesn’t exist for students but do exists for teachers.
    Have you any idea to resolve the issue ?
    Thanks a lot

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