How to select the best Moodle service provider

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Moodle is the world’s most popular open source learning management system used by more than 100 Million users across the world. It is used by numerous schools, colleges, corporates, government organization from all sectors and industries. Moodle is the only elearning platform with endless customization possibilities.
Once you have finalized Moodle as your preferred learning management system, you need to finalize the service provider. The service provider must meet your training needs and specifications. This can be a tough task itself given the rapid increase in Moodle service providers. But, you have to be wise when selecting one because you’ll stumble upon many Moodle services providers who’d promise services that are too good to be true. Be aware of such service providers!

Tips to choose the best Moodle service provider:

Here are some tips to choose the best Moodle service provider to meet your training needs and specifications.

  1. Draft a good Request for Proposal (RFP) – Clearly document your training needs and specifications on a piece of paper. The RFP should be clear and concise enough for the vendor to easily understand and cater to your requirements without any such ambiguity.
  2. Look out for Moodle service providers  – Just google with proper keywords to find out the best Moodle service providers out there. Pick the top 5 responses, avoiding results from or directly. These are the ones you should consider, given their top rank for your keyword, which is associated with domain expertise and hold on a given topic.
  3. Check out the Clientele of the shortlisted provider – Why to choose the service provider who are still learning and not the industry experts. Don’t go with those who would like to learn at your cost, instead choose a service provider who has serviced a versatile list of clients. A service provider with expertise at your company’s scale is often preferable, as different sizes can make project requirements substantially different.
  4. Entrust your Project to Seasoned Professionals – Check out the experience of the senior management team of the service provider through their ‘About Us’ page. A team that has a sound technical expertise in eLearning (such as – authoring tools) will be able to cater to your training requirements in a better way.
  5. Inspect their website thoroughly – Scan your shortlisted Moodle Service Providers’ website thoroughly. Have a look into the case studies to understand what sort of projects they’ve undertaken and how they’ve provided a solution to their clients problems. Look at client testimonials if there are any. Have a look at their blog to see the type articles they’ve written. All these will help you understand the Moodle service provider’s capability in handling your needs.
  6. Ask for Demos, Free Trials – Ask the Moodle Service Provider candidate for trial versions of a Moodle site with custom capabilities so you can live the experience of creating a Course, uploading and developing content, etc. All this will help you judge the service provider on their technical skills to handle projects, as well as whether the level of support they offer can meet your needs. The company’s willingness to do this shows their commitment towards providing quality service.

This post is contributed by Meghna Wani, Paradiso Solutions.
Paradiso Solutions is a proud sponsor of MoodleWorld. Contact Paradiso for demos of any Moodle integration, or free consultation for your LMS project or Moodle alternatives.

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