Showcase your Moodle teaching skills with MCCC Certification by Elearning Experts @EE_MCCC

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Elearning Experts LLC – Moodle Partner in USA is offering the next MCCC course from April 5th, 2017 to showcase your Moodle Teaching skills and show your competence. The 8 week course is focused for advanced Moodlers to demonstrate their skills in setting up and managing a Moodle 3.1 course.
The MOOC is revolving around these skill sets as required by the MCCC certification criteria:

  • Environmental technology
  • Generic Moodle skills
  • Moodle Blocks
  • Using Resources
  • Using Activities
  • Multimedia
  • Participant management
  • Course management

Showcase your Moodle teaching skills with MCCC Certification by Elearning Experts @EE_MCCCWhat do I need to have for the certification:

If you are using Moodle for teaching online and probably say Yes to the following questions, then you are the right candidate for getting this certification. If you have

  • Created at least one Moodle course before and used it with learners.
  • Actively used the appropriate version of Moodle for at least one year.
  • Used many different activities and resources in Moodle.
  • Are familiar with the Moodle Docs area, and can find my way around.
  • Read all the documentation in the Moodle Certification area.
  • Can set aside 5-10 hours a week to work on my MCCC (this is an indicative time only – it will vary for each candidate).
  • To improve my understanding and use of Moodle.

At present, USA is sitting on top of the list with most MCCC certified Moodle teachers, followed by Spain, Colombia, Greece & Mexico. Check out the full list of MCCC certified trainers around the world in this database. To find out more details based on country wise certification, check out this list.
If you are also willing to get yourself certified then register yourself through The course fee is USD $500. Check out complete information and offering here.
For details about schedule and registration, contact Elearning Experts through [email protected] or calling 888-928-3848. To know more about the Moodle certification process, check out this.

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