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These details were highlighted at the iMoot Keynote by Martin Dougiamas yesterday. I’m getting pretty excited at the prospects of the Moodle Association for individuals and organizations to help define and decide the roadmap for Moodle in ways that previously were not possible.

The first details are in regards to how the priorities for Moodle core development might be determined. The Association will work in 1/2 year cycles matching the major Moodle releases. Members who volunteer will be in charge of pulling specifications together in order to present them to the rest of the Association which will vote to determine whether the initiative is taken up (based on the time frame, cost as provided by Moodle HQ).


Additionally, there will be levels of membership based on the amount you contribute. The goal is to embrace as many individuals from the community but also to provide a sliding scale of membership tiers so that larger organizations, like a university, large business, or non-Moodle Partner with vested interested in Moodle, (which previously could only contribute through the Moodle Partner arrangement, if at all) can be members for much larger annual sums (such as AU$10k).

The levels will provide votes based on dollars contributed (potentially on a 1 annual dollar contributed = 1 vote).


I’m looking forward to getting involved. Are you signed up for notifications from Sign up to be sure to be notified of the published draft organization/governance documents which will be available soon from Moodle HQ.

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