Startup Inserver Becomes Fourth Moodle Partner In Spain

Startup Inserver Becomes Fourth Moodle Partner In Uphill Spain

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Connected Conference OpenLMS recently announced the inclusion of Spanish start up Inserver as a Moodle Partner. Inserver E-Learning Factory delivers solutions for the Spanish government, corporations and nonprofits. Neither the Madrilense team nor the CEO concealed their enthusiasm, “proving that being a startup is never a barrier to create and work on big projects“.

Inserver has committed to Moodle and Open Source since 2013. Their addition brings the total number of certified partners to 82. In 2015, Inserver was awarded the Best Learning Startup by Spain’s E-Learning Providers Association (APEL).

Inserver offers “Moodle on demand“, a cloud-based product that features “a bespoke LMS with all the benefits of a Pay-per-use SaaS” and requires no initial investment from customers.

To become a Moodle Partner, companies should complete an application form available at The process involves document certification and a web call, where Moodle HQ will verify that the organization

  • knows Moodle, both functionally and technically
  • is a viable business with dedicated sales and support staff
  • offers learning services as their core activity
  • renders high level of customer satisfaction
  • has sold Moodle services for at least 1 year
  • is a profitable business and is not an NGO, nonprofit or educational institution
  • will not overcrowd the region or country’s competition among other Partners
  • will be expected to remain competitive in the marketplace for the long term
  • will perform in a favorable business environment.

Spain is the largest Spanish speaking Moodle country and second only to the USA, in terms of registrations. A recent report by APEL notes Spain top European ranking in e-learning. This is, arguably, due to a frugal path to economic recovery, a challenging job market sparking demand for vocational and corporate training, and above average levels of connectivity.

Find out more about Inserver and their projects on their website.

Read the full release at

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