SURVEY: Want To Know What Is On The Table For The First Moodle Users Association Project Cycle? (Only 5 Days Left of Preliminary Voting!)

Moodle user association survey phase 1

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The Moodle Users Association is off to a great start this year with over 100 members (both from individual and group membership). These members are currently participating in Phase 1 of the project development cycle.

Here’s a reminder of what the full cycle looks like:

MUA project development cycle

The first step of Phase 1 provided all members the opportunity to submit their own project plans in draft form (this could be anything from a project in the idea phase to fully trusted and already available code). All project plans were due March 1st and there have been over three dozen projects submitted for this first full User Association Project Cycle.

The next (and current) step of Phase 1 is a round of preliminary voting to winnow down what will ultimately be fleshed out further with technical specifications and then subsequently voted on by the full Moodle Users Association. This second part of Phase 1 ends this Monday, March 14th where all members must have cast their votes to move features, enhancements and projects to the next round. The third and final step of Phase 1 ends on May 2nd and will be used to finalize project requirements and details (this is where specific use cases and other materials will be developed so that the MUA members better understand the scope of work and impact).

You can still be involved in Phase 1, it takes just minutes (and about $75 USD) to join as a member and immediately start casting your votes. Join here: If you are a Moodle user it’s a small contribution for what could have a huge, lasting impact on Moodle development (the top 10 projects voted on so far are all within 100 votes of each other).

Through Phase 1 there have been many in-depth conversations in the forums on the MUA site and a great list of proposed projects.

Looking through these projects, I think they fall into three different areas:

  1. Adding an existing Module to Core
  2. Improving ease of use/efficiency
  3. Expanding a current feature
  4. Adding a fully new feature or Module

Reflecting the diversity of the worldwide Moodle community, specialized “fully new features” is the largest bucket of items submitted as projects.

My personal interest is in expanding and refining the Assignment Module and grading process which is a project that Moodle HQ is already tackling. With progress on that front, I am definitely drawn to the issues that I think will make a huge improvement for all users (specifically the ease of use and efficiency projects).

What do you think? If you had a make a snap judgement what projects would you vote for? Give us your input in this quick survey (note that some titles and ideas are much easier to describe in just a few words than others, this is not necessarily correlated with their value).

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