Take An Exclusive Look At The 10 Projects In The Running For The Next MUA Development Cycle

Moodle Users Association

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The Moodle Users Association is an increasingly important figure in the short-term development of the Open Source LMS and an increasingly influential organization in the future of EdTech and tech-based learning. And unlike the mysterious covens that may or may not rule our society, MUA is open to everyone! All it takes is an interest in becoming a force of good for Moodle and a voice for students and educators everywhere.

Among the many contributions and outreach initiatives MUA does throughout the year, the Project Development Cycle is the one most likely to influence most users and yet it occurs in a matter of months. It follows a process of collective deliberation where quality and pertinence determine the communal support. Projects chosen by MUA’s Development Cycle receive funding from its members subscription fees and are built by Moodle HQ. Previous developments successfully funded and added to the Moodle core include the Recycle Bin (Moodle 3.1), the Course Overview (Moodle 3.3), and the upcoming revamped Calendar Interface.

MUA has just released the ten projects competing for the next voting cycle. Even though only one project has been chosen in past cycles, funds are allocated to projects in order of popularity until they are depleted.

Here’s a look at the active candidacies. The best thing about it is that they were submitted by fellow Moodle users like you and me.

1. LTI (External Tool) Drag & Drop protocol

2. Finish the implementation of user disguises

3. Expanded question bank management

4. Adopt advanced grading / grading interface for forums

5. User based custom grade book weightings

6. Improvements to the question bank and the lesson module

7. Improve notifications for students

8. Enable merging users

9. Quick Search lists

10. Assignment N-Marking & Moderation

The projects as a whole can also serve as a casual survey of the wants and needs of EdTech customers. Moodle and MUA encourage developers everywhere to help build missing functionality across LMS.

To see detailed requirements and characteristics of these projects, see their popularity, or voice your own, consider becoming a MUA member. Not only will you get a number of votes to assign freely across projects, depending on your membership category, you’ll also be contributing to Moodle’s short, medium, and long-term development.

Find out more about MUA at

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