Take Moodle learning outside with Treasure hunt plugin #moodleplugins

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Have you ever thought about the success of Pokemon Go! game? One of the main reason behind its huge success is the inventive game play which requires players to go outside and search for the Pokémon characters. Do you want to add similar kind of outside games in your Moodle course?
Everyone knows that Moodle is an online learning management system, but it can also be used for creating and assessing real life treasure hunts and quests. Juan Pablo de Castro developed a new Moodle plugin “Treasure Hunt” which allows you to create real like treasure hunts and quests in your Moodle course.
You can organize outdoor games as well as indoor games using this awesome plugin. Students within your course needs to use their browser on mobile devices to take part in the adventure taking place in the world. They don’t need any special app to take part in the quest. It also supports scanning QR codes reader which works on all major mobile browsers.
Take Moodle learning outside with Treasure hunt plugin #moodleplugins
Treasure Hunt plugin implements a browser-based play application and a geographical editor for encoding the stages of the game. The game is highly customizable with different options like individual or team based games, marks for time, place, completion, etc.
Another useful thing about this plugin is that all the treasure quests can be graded. As a teacher you can define the grade for every student running the treasure hunt. You can configure to grade from different criteria like:

  1. Grade from time (absolute or relative): the winner of the hunt marks the best time.
  2. Grade from riddles: each player (or team) scores proportionally by number of riddles solved
  3. Grade from position: The score is calculated by interpolating the place in the ranking,


Download the treasure hunt plugin from Moodle plugins directory here. The plugin is compatible with Moodle 2.9 version onwards.
Have you ever used any tool for incorporating external learning in Moodle course? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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