Teaching With Moodle: The MOOC January Session In Full Swing

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All the items are in place to get you started with Moodle 3.2. This January, join thousands of educators from all over the world on the Teaching With Moodle MOOC.

The course will go for four weeks and is designed to wet your feet and whet your appetite about Moodle. Using it as a handy way to share and save class files, sharing grades even, are valid uses of the LMS, but hopefully this course will give you a deeper perspective the power and flexibility that lies underneath.

Once you login, the course will ask you to decide whether you want anonymous data about your behavior to be used for analysis and research afterwards. Your response is required to continue with the course.

An introductory section on the course includes a noticeboard forum, where instructors Mary Cooch and Helen Foster will place important announcements; A “Course overview” page with details and an outline; an “Important dates” page and a FAQ page.

The Week One section features the content for the week running January 2nd to 8th and it includes:

  • An “Introduce Yourself” post.
  • A “Meet the facilitators” page.
  • Week 1 tutorial and tasks.
  • A “Setting up” workshop.
  • A “Course blocks” workshop.
  • A survey on your previous experience with Moodle.
  • An article on how to reflect about your learning.
  • The Week 1 Quiz.
  • A Feedback Form.

There are also two optional activities, including a link to the live Sunday session, one of the four that will take place.

Week 2 contents will run from January 9th to the 15th. Each activity has a tick box that will let you follow-up on you progress. If the border of the box is dotted, Moodle automatically checks it off once you complete the required activity. Completion of all non-optional boxes will award you a certification diploma and badge.

If you are looking to just sit back and enjoy the content, you can play the 32-video playlist for the whole MOOC. You would be missing on the community interactions, of course.

Join the MOOC at

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