The Brightcookie Experiment Links The Future Of Knowledge And Online Team Work

The Brightcookie Experiment Links The Future Of Knowledge And Online Team Work

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One of the many benefits of expanding the knowledge of a given field, is the evolution of our intellectual models, applicable for any other. Take neuroscience: the concept of “schema”, which denotes the interconnected corpus of information inhabiting an individual’s brain, could give us a better illustration of the size, structure and wholesomeness of the discipline and the business of learning.
Interconnection of systems is a pillar of Brightcookie Pty Ltd’s offering. The Adelaida headquartered company has worked on the customization of LMS by creating bridges with partners. SMS, Mahara and Totara count among them.
For its most recent initiative, Brightcookie shares vague details on an implementation of their IxHive record storage service for an ambitious career orientation project in South Australia, in a recent post. Its author, the company’s Managing Director, Leo Gaggl, goes into detail, not about their upcoming certamen, but their inspiration: online-team-based video game competition The International Dota 2 Championships.
Their “experiment” will involve the use of their IxHive system to create online teams. The teams will tackle projects that combine “emerging discovery technology with real life experiences“. Gaggl and Co. hope this will introduce students to career paths, emphasizing “robotics, programming and engineering“.
IxHive is designed for “tracking learning experiences” that gathers data from sources beyond the LMS. It claims to support the Internet of Things. It is compatible with experience data collection standard xAPI.
No details on Brightcokie’s experiment, including its name or dates, were known at the time of writing. Encouraging connections between people is a clear attempt to increase our collective schema. I would just wish they were more open and better known.
Do you have a favourite example of “intellectual cross-pollination”? Please share, we’re looking forward!

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