The Difference Between PoodLL And Moodle In-The-Box Recording Buttons

The Difference Between PoodLL And Moodle In-The-Box Recording Buttons

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Maturity is the best way I have to explain why Justin Hunt, leader of audio and video and recording and playback Plugin family PoodLL, is not threatened by the recently embedded functionality available in Moodle 3.5.

Sure, casual users will no longer have to visit the Moodle Plugin Directory to find PoodLL at the top of the charts, now that from their default text editors they can launch their device camera and microphone, start recording, playback and send. Fast, easy and free. Hunt himself welcomes this long-awaited functionality.

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But Hunt knows that seasoned users will have plenty of reasons to sick with his plugins. In fact, the easy new buttons coupled with the limited functionality might even spike users’ appetites for a professional-grade solution. Specifically, users might want to make use of capabilities like:

Unlimited recording times. On principle, the recording can last as long as the physical resources allow. Of course, teachers and admins can set time limits.

Platform-agnostic HTML5 interface. This allows PoodLL to work in Moodle from any desktop or mobile device with ease. Using iOS APIs to capture audio and video from the browser is famously difficult, but PoodLL has accomplished it. For legacy systems and browsers, It falls back to Flash to ensure functionality everywhere.

Cloud backup: The storage of media recorded with PoodLL is backed by AWS. This enables powerful instant storage that’s scalable and practically unlimited. Something that would not be recommended for most Moodle servers.

Cloud-based conversion: Another mighty treat courtesy of AWS. Recorded media access is guaranteed for any device. Another famous “mess” (Hunt’s word) is the nightmarish compatibility issues between browsers and operating systems. Only PoodLL guarantees anybody can watch and listen to anything recorded anywhere.

The benefits don’t end here. But it’s worth mentioning one more, critical for many: Professional support. Rest assured Hunt and his decade-and-a-half in the audio and video recording business will be available for you when you need it most.

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