The Future Of Learning Management Systems

The Future Of LMS

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New technology has impacted few things as it has the ways we send and receive information, and subsequently, the ways in which we learn, and pass that knowledge on to others. In education and training, things are not quite as they were even a decade ago. In another decade, they will be unrecognizable from how they are right now.

Mobile LMS (Learning Management Systems) have opened a world of possibilities for both educators and employers looking to cultivate the talent that they have spent so much effort recruiting. They have offered a more personalized and thorough learning experience than could ever be achieved through traditional training methods. As we move forward, what further developments can we expect to see in elearning? What does the future of LMS technology hold? We can already see some patterns in the way tech08nology is progressing, so that we are able a few educated guesses based on current tech trends. Here are a few future trends that we can expect to see in LMS technology.

VR and AR

While we can’t be one hundred percent certain of what the future holds, at this point we can be quite sure that there will be a lot of virtual and augmented reality. And their benefits in LMS are clear to see. In the near future, trainers and educators will be able to use VR and AR to create more realistic and applicable everyday scenarios than was previously possible. Most people learn much better by seeing and doing, as opposed to simply listening to principles, and VR and AR will provide real world scenarios and teaching situations in a safe and controlled environment.

Increased Personalization

As mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of mobile LMS lies in their ability to provide a much more personalized learning experience. Since any given classroom or workforce features a multitude of different personalities, it is irresponsible to assume that a “one size fits all” program would meet each of their needs fully. LMS already provide the opportunity for personalized learning by allowing learners to start and stop modules when and where they choose, but in the near future evidence points to an increase in embracing a more personalized learning experience, and an increased focus on more non-traditional techniques.

More Game Features

As the millennial generation continues to dominate the workforce, companies need to figure out the best ways to engage them. Gamification is something that has been used to great effect by some companies, particularly in the field of sales. As such, we can expect to see more examples of game features being integrated directly into mobile LMS, allowing for friendly competition within the app that encourages learning with enthusiasm.

More In-App Feedback and Data

Other features that are becoming more common in LMS are ones that allow for regular feedback and better tracking. As feedback becomes increasingly important, employers need to figure out ways to not only teach their employees, but to engage them and figure out how to reach them better. As such, software is starting to show this need with checkpoints and social features that allow for more efficient feedback. They will also start to be better at collecting data that can be analyzed and applied in future module updates.


Following on from this, there has been some suggestions that LMS will soon be able to take this even further, and take over many of the tasks that training managers and other educators would otherwise have to carry out through adaptive learning. Will robots be the future of LMS? Perhaps, but for now the other features are probably the more likely.


What else reveals in your crystal ball? Share with your fellow #EdTech readers!


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