The Future of PoodLL for Moodle

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If you’re not familiar with the suite of tools offered by the PoodLL plugin and you have a need to stretch what your Moodle can do you should check out the nifty open source addon.

PoodLL is named an “open source language lab” which provides (but is not limited) the following tools,

  • Audio recording
  • Video recording
  • widgets like the stop watch and white board

I’ve demoed the software and it’s easy to use and intuitive (I cannot speak to installation but the process is well documented on the site,

Justin, the developer of PoodLL is now charting out the future of the Moodle module/plugin at his blog for the site.  Here are a few of the things you can look forward to (or help to bring to fruition if you are so inclined):

The most pressing issue at present is the need to add accessibility features for screen reader users. That is a must do, but I could not get it done in the summer and now the new term is truly upon me. I admit I have dragged my feet on this, because I lost a fair bit of time in a previous and unsuccessful attempt.

I have had a number of people ask recently about the PoodLL Talkback module from Moodle 1.9 days. After a little thought, yup, we can do it. But I am going to cheat.  I wont integrate it nicely with the new Moodle filesystem. So you will need to FTP files into a special PoodLL web accessible directory to make it work.

Audio and Video List Players
Again I am going to cheat and require people FTP their lists of audio/video into a special PoodLL web accessible directory. I know there are alternative ways but most of them will require a dedicated mod, ie not a poodll filter string, so I prefer to do it this way.

2.3 Assignment Compatibility
That will be here by late October.

PoodLL Database Field
Already done, you can add video/audio/snapshots or draw pictures into a database activity field. I am using it my own classes now. And it should be out in the next release.

PoodLL Shadow
This will move us a little closer to our byline, “the open source language lab.” A simple audio recorder that contains a player and several play/record options. Students can “shadow” record, or “listen and repeat” record, and related playback functions. Hopefully by November.

PoodLL Pairwork
This is the coolest of all the PoodLL features and that’s no exaggeration. My students howled when I went to Moodle 2.x and PoodLL Pairwork was broken. I am using it now in my own classes. I am going to release it and see how it works via (possibly nasty lags ..) . What is it? Well, basically it is connecting your students in audio or video pairs(or groups) from an admin console. It does need a bit of driving from a teachers perspective, and its no design milestone,  but the reaction from students beats the commercial offerings hands down. Could be released in the next release if people are really interested.

Great tools for Moodle from the community.  Chime in and show your support for PoodLL at

2 Responses

  1. Hi
    I have installed PoodLL on my Moodle 2.0 site. All works well but the submission made can not be viewed by teacher. At the point where it should be showing a link to the reply, it shows something like this –

    2. {POODLL:type=audio,,protocol=http,embed=false,embedstring=clicktoplay}

    Where do I seem to have gone wrong. Is there some problem with installation. Can someone correct it, for a fees?
    Mumbai, India

  2. hi Alok
    I had the same trouble. But it was an easy fix! I found this answer in the PoodLL Troubleshooting guide:
    Make sure your PoodLL filter is enabled in the Moodle filter settings. Also check it is higher than the Moodle Multimedia filter in the list. Also be aware that if the “Activity names auto-linking” filter is enabled, and you have a page on your site called “PoodLL” it might try and turn the PoodLL filter string into a link. That would mess up the filter parsing. In that case just keep PoodLL higher in the filter list, or don’t name pages/activities after simple PoodLL words like “PoodLL,” or “Stopwatch.”
    You can read more here But all I had to do is enable the PoodLL filter & then move it to the place above the multimedia plugin.
    Good luck!

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