The future vision of Moodle – through the eyes of @Moodler #moodle

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Moodle – the best and most popular open source learning management system has been on its mission from last one and a half decade long journey. Moodle is a tool which allows everyone to make their own learning environment. But where it is heading towards in upcoming years? What is the vision and new improvement areas where the Moodle HQ is working upon?
For those who are not aware about the mission of the Moodle project, here I am reiterating the same again:

  • Moodle supports teachers with their teaching
  • Moodle supports learners with their learning
  • Moodle integrates everything needed for a course
  • Moodle is open in every way, yet sites can be fully private
  • Moodle can be used by students for free on any device
  • Moodle provides the most flexible toolset possible
  • Moodle can be scaled to any size needed
  • Moodle allows anyone to contribute to global education

Major things coming soon:

In a recent interview, CEO and founder of Moodle- Dr. Martin Dougiamas ponder upon the future vision of the Moodle project. The major things which are on priority for Moodle are:

  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365 and Google apps – Over the past few years, the schools, universities are adopting Microsoft 365 and Google Apps for collaboration. But, there is no way to integrate the documents without the specific permissions and it is difficult for group handling also. This is where Moodle team is working upon, so that the permissions within the Moodle system are applicable to the documents over these two services also. Moodle is also working with other edtech companies like SEQTA over this project.
  • Inbuilt learning analytics projectAs we have covered earlier, Moodle HQ is also working over their own learning analytics project and the name for the project is coined as – Project Inspire. The project will focus on computer-aided teaching and it will help teachers with feedback and suggestions about how to improve in certain areas.
  • A new K-12 project – Martin was very much worried about the strategy behind implementing Moodle in schools. He said: “The biggest problem we have is that Moodle isn’t being implemented well. I’ve seen way too many schools where Moodle gets dumped in with little support to ensure it’s rolled out correctly”. So, Moodle HQ is working over a new K-12 project in 2017 and which involves hiring a former public school teacher to work closely with a couple of Australian schools to implement Moodle properly as a case study of best practice.

And to conclude the interview, Martin pointed out that “We need citizens with a broad knowledge and a basic level of education in a variety of areas that are linked. That’s the job of our teachers in our school system – to produce informed citizens for society. I don’t see that changing.” Read the full interview here.

What is your take about the future vision and new initiatives taken by Moodle team? Is Moodle project heading in appropriate direction? Share your views and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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