The MoodleMoot US 2017 Crowd Reveals Their Most Desired Moodle UI, UX Features

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At some point during the community panels of MoodleMoot US 2017, taking place in New Orleans this past July, Moodle founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas opened the mics to request ideas for new features from the audience. But what many thought of as an audience-warming gesture has become a critical part of the discussion for the future of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design in Moodle.

Later on, Dougiamas shared a public document titled “MootUS 2017 UX/UI Feedback.” Soon enough, renowned Moodlers joined the call in a level of productive interaction we can all witness and even take part in:

Here is the list of requests given by the audience and then perfected by Moodlers and the Moodle HQ team:

  • “Simple mode” for the settings pages, similar to the “simple mode” in some phone or applications that hide technical or standard settings. This will help novice users manage their courses.
  • Grading flows between activities. This would likely involve an easier way to tweak and visualize the weight of activities that count towards the final grade. Good ideas would involve the visualization of the weight right in the activity or a grade simulator such as those already available in competing LMS.
  • Quiz question search. A text field to filter and choose items from Moodle question banks using tags or the quiz text itself.
  • Bulk Quiz actions. Sorting/filtering, and maybe even editing, could be included, as well as bulk grading actions. This could also be applicable even if more questions are added later on.
  • Settings menus rearranged. It’s always controversial to change the ways to which users have grown accustomed, but if the criteria are clearly laid out, it could be worth it.
  • Sharing cart. Mirroring the functionality of the plugin by the same name, this would allow you to pick-and-choose courses, sections, features, and maybe even settings, to carry over to another Moodle course or site.
  • Creating bulk questions. For users who prefer an interface to the quick options involving scripting, such as the GIFT syntax available for Moodle.
  • Better notification preferences. Simple ways to customize how blips, flashes, and buzzes behave in any Moodle device or application, in a clear way.
  • Better user search. Any user should be able to find other users. For example, students could benefit from reaching out to users with admin roles to submit feedback.
  • Sticky admin tabs. Fix some of the disconcerting behavior of the tabs in the admin panel.
  • Admin tabs always visible. Related to the item above, the admin panel tabs should stay visible and maintain their layout, customizations notwithstanding.
  • Mass actions. Easy management across activities, maybe even across courses.
  • “Next” and “Previous” buttons across activities. As well as any navigation enhancements that help the sense of “flow” throughout a Moodle course. (An issue in the Moodle Tracker is already open.)
  • Courses available across categories. Or similarly, expand the functionality of tags and tag pages.
  • Global search active by default. Remove as many limits as possible to what the Moodle global search can find while keeping a friendly display of results.
  • Search results by role. Either prevent showing users resources they cannot access on the results pages or allow access as search criteria.

Click here for MootUS 2017 UX/UI Feedback.

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