The Most Popular, Non-Pet Related Moodle Videos Of The Week

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It took me a shamefully long time to learn about the Maltese-Poodle hybrid dog breed. Why even the most innocent “Moodle” online search shows lots of adorable miniature, fluffy doggies? I have not ruled out the possibility of a significant correlation, thought. Does being a Moodler increase the chances of being a toy-dog lover? Is it the other way around? I bet both groups are largely made of indoors people. But I digress. Filtering the cuter ones, here are the most interesting and popular Moodle videos of last week.

Lens Lab Moodle Set Up

Professor McGuire is a joy to watch. Here he shows a perfect implementation of PhET, CU Boulder interactive simulations project. The result of playing in the optics lab is in fact the response of a Moodle Quiz question. Trust me: Do not miss McGuire’s face past the 3:10 mark.

Read more about PhET in Moodle here.


Moodle小テスト: Amazon Echo でMoodle上の小テストを受験できるAlexaスキル(デモ版)

Freshen up your Japanese, or go right to the minute 2 mark for the English version of the exchange. This groundbreaking interaction is possible by a team at Kumamoto University. Check out the Research Center for Instructional Systems poster (PDF). Stick around to see how hilariously fitting is Alexa’s tone to let you know how bad you did. And also to see how smoothly voice actions are reflected in the GradeBook

Moodle Workshop [Live]

See a few gems in this staff training session at St Andrews International School Bangkok. A radically different theme hosts an interesting arrangement of blocks including a live-ticker. It showcases a few plugins, including Attendance and Homework. It also shows a few that look like custom development.

Feel free to start at minute 7, or skip further by pressing numbers on your keyboard.■

This Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: eThink Education, a Certified Moodle Partner that provides a fully-managed Moodle experience including implementation, integration, cloud-hosting, and management services. To learn more about eThink, click here.

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