The Open Source LMS in 2019 – A Moodle Wishlist & Trends to Watch: A Look At The World

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An anonymous genius suggested we’d rename 2019 to “2018, Part II.” It’s a brilliant way to look at the next 12 months. Not only because of the massive number of movie sequels coming up. Only in 2019 we will get the resolution to key themes and events. Here is our look at the future, equals part calendar and wishful thinking.

It’s a wonderful Moodle world

All 5 regions are worth watching, no matter if your thing is education, technology or business. Sudden shifts can begin everywhere and spread quickly to the rest of the globe.
Worldwide: Moodle is still the number one LMS. Blackboard seems on the defense. After conquering US colleges and universities, Canvas LMS is plotting the next act. And do not underestimate Sakai or Brightspace yet.
North America: The Higher Ed seems all but done for, with the growth of some players at the expense of others. The same is not true for fast-growing corporations, especially labor-intensive ones, and management & strategy skills. Pharma, biotechnology and even premium food and beverages could become new EdTech battlegrounds. The existing players may also find industry-specific solutions. Cannabis-flavored LMS, anyone?
Latin America: The (sense of) void left by Moodlerooms opens some opportunities for the remaining Moodle Partners. Canvas LMS is also set to take a share, especially among private universities. Blackboard Open LMS still lives, and might keep most of its customers. Many in the region feel unattended by Moodle. But this might change with the new Barcelona HQ. Not based in America, but in a Spanish-speaking country.
Europe: GDPR and other regulations are sending shockwaves to the rest of the world. And again, it is not the firs time European exports models of law and governance for the rest of the world to make fit adapt. Add the growing threat of cybersecurity, and you get a year of philosophical debates about personal data. Particularly, whether big tech companies have taken advantage of it as a resource they do not properly pay back. The market dynamics are less exciting, which means good news for Moodle and other open source LMS.
Africa: The region remains promising and wide open, with Moodle on a strong foothold. It is good news for the free LMS if only because there are key limitations in the development of market forces. Hopefully the momentum carried by the first MoodleMoot in the continent will keep up with a 2019 edition. (Nothing has been announced yet.)
Asia: Perhaps the most exciting place to be at when it comes to LMS. The highest economic growth rates in the world, young populations with acute demands for skilling and innovative mindsets. Learning business coming from abroad will find success is not guaranteed in a region with varying degrees of embrace towards the Western way. China is a massive giant where local companies have seemingly unsurmountable advantages. On the other hand, India is most likely where the future of Moodle is being made.
Oceania: Moodle’s throne is not at stake here, and developments from down under would hardly be seismic. Perhaps with the exception of the recently passed encryption laws and the potential for encryption “backdoors.” One would think this is an exception from where the rest of the world would not take the wrong lesson. But then again, it is a surprise to see from an otherwise progressive economy.

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