The Right LMS: Best Money-Saving Features

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A successful business is one that regularly turns a profit. In order to do this, it is important for a business to have a good product or service. Continuing to make smart business decisions is also essential. This means, among other things, that business owners have to enable employees, while keep finding out ways to streamline and save money in every area of their business.

Taking advantage of new technology is mandatory for this. In particular, Learning Management Systems (LMS) can really help you streamline processes related to talent and onboarding, while increasing staff’s skills and productivity. But in order to be an effective learning company, you have to be able to identify the essential features of a good LMS. This will allow you to take advantage of them in a way that will actually save you money. Here are the best LMS features to look out for.


Arguably the most important feature of a good mobile LMS is usability. One of the main advantages of using a mobile LMS is that it allows you to cut down on company training costs by giving your employees a learning tool that is as frictionless as possible. But this means that every new employee should be able to simply pick up the LMS and start training right away. If an LMS is not easy to use, you may have to offer LMS training, which somewhat defeats its purpose.

Fully Mobile

You also need to make sure that your LMS is fully mobile. This means compatibility on all mobile devices, preferably with the ability to pick up wherever you left off, even on a different device. This saves you money as you will not have to provide special devices, and you might not need to procure classrooms or training facilities. You also will not have to reimburse employees from any costs related to training, such as traveling.

Scoreboards and Point Systems

Gamification has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to keep employees motivated to learn. MoodleNews suggests ongoing scoreboards and point systems as a good way to do this. These have multiple advantages: they allow you to track your employees’ progress, from onboarding and throughout their time with your company. They give you an easy way to reward good work, while also providing an outlet for some some friendly competition between employees. This saves you money because it shortens the amount of time between hiring and your employees becoming efficient, contributing members of your workforce.

Easy Feedback

Finally, a good mobile LMS is one that is measurable. This means tracking your employees but also tracking the LMS itself. This allows you to know if everything is working efficiently, which things are going well, and which things need to be fixed. This means that troubleshooting is also an important feature of a good LMS. If something breaks or glitches appear, there needs to be an avenue to fix it as soon as possible. There should be convenient solutions to recurring problems and easy access to a help centre, with real-time solutions to any more serious issues. Anytime something breaks down in your LMS it will cost you money, and the longer it goes on, the more it will cost the company. Good feedback and troubleshooting: this saves you money.

A really usable mobile, gamified, feedback-ready LMS can save a company thousands of dollars every year. All you need to know, is how to take advantage of them.

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  1. Kudos for this article, I second your thoughts and indeed the points that you have mentioned makes lot of sense especially for someone who is still confused about the right LMS that would satisfy his/her requirements.

    I have observed that once a person sets up LMS his/her next big concern is to pick the right theme which would enhance the look and feel of his/her LMS without hampering its usability.

    When it comes to theme the pointers are flexibility, customization ready, browser compatibility, design uniformity etc as a food for thought here is an article ( which would assist you in taking informed decisions when it comes to selecting a new LMS or a theme for your existing LMS.


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