The Samson Era Starts. Moodle Users Association October Newsletter

The Samson Era Starts. Moodle Users Association October Newsletter

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The little chaotic, but highly energizing transition of power at the Moodle Users Association made for a busy September. Richard Samson, on his newly appointed role of Chairperson, pens his first update for the community.

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You will be able to hear them from Samson himself and Elizabeth Dalton, one of the HQ team most proactive MUA members, at the second Town Hall of October, this Tuesday, October 9th at 6 pm UTC.

The Association made some noise at last week’s MoodleMoot Australia, in Brisbane. New Committee member Thomas Korner, all the way from Zurich, was the MUA representative, with a spot on the schedule the afternoon of the first day. Hopefully, the results in terms of new sign-ups are improved compared to past gatherings.

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Samson pledges to make the Association’s presence a staple of the ‘Moots’, especially those sanctioned by Moodle HQ. Coming up, MoodleMoot South Africa this Thursday and Friday, then the Denver Moot and India’s, on Hyderabad this November. Visit MoodleNews comprehensive Moodle Calendar here.

On the MUA roadmap itself, Samson seems keen to keep the momentum going throughout the year. There are 3 key the threads that would focus the efforts going forward:

  • A Marketing plan that enhances visibility, increases memberships and funds for hopefully more projects.
  • Optimizing the Project Development Cycle to make it more productive. One specific reform deserving of a full membership debate is the possibility of organizing, funding and carrying on small Project Development Cycles.
  • Streamlining MUA’s internal operations to address current and coming challenges “reliably and efficiently.”

And to end on a positive note, a prototype of the “Analytical Tools for Quiz Questions” is ready for review at It is expected to be ready next month, in Moodle 3.6. The “Course Overview Dashboard” Project from Korner and Luca Bösch, chosen this year, is also showing great progress and it is not out of the realm of possibility that it becomes available in Moodle 3.6 as well.

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