Theme mod: MoodleDock, by @kristianstill & @moodledan

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Hamble College in the UK recently rolled out a nifty theme upgrade/modification aptly named the “MoodleDock”.  The Dock creates a nice, animated course category and link quick reference.  The bar can be seen at

Here’s the line of thinking that led to the collaborative effort to create the mod:

Our Moodle front page, like many schools Moodle front page, showcases our subject areas with icons. Easily/large click-able cons linking to courses… but what if these icons were much smaller? That would free up space for much needed prime space for school communications. (

The MoodleDock was recently released to the public on for anyone to download (including a great tutorial and all of the sharp icons used in the original dock).  The icons were all created by Craig Sumner (and are available for you to use, where applicable, on your own MoodleDock).  If you opt to create your own icons the instructions are well marked in the download .zip file in the supporting documentation and tutorial (here’s a quick Jing of the animated dock in action:

Kristian is submitting to (to the theme repository) but the dock is available now from his personal site.

The dock was created collaboratively by Craig Sumner and Kristian Still of Hamble College and the renowned Moodledan.  For more information:

Note also the implementation of the MoodleBar on the bottom of the page.

6 Responses

  1. William, thanks for stopping by! I would say you both used the same tools to create the same end goal. I think it shows that there’s a definite appreciation for an apparatus that saves space on the home page but also creates a quick link reference that’s both practical and “pretty”. Check out the documentation that’s available with the download; I’m sure Kristian and MoodleDan would both appreciate feedback/comments on their implementation.



  2. Btw, that is one awesome Moodle. I love the use of the “notice board”, the animation at the top and the Moodle Bar. Very, very nice. How many students do you use your site with?

  3. Thanks, I have put many years into it 🙂 I only use it with about 25 students. I teach third grade (7-9) in a very rural school and I am a bit of a web/graphic design/tech junkie, so my kids get to have some interesting tools at hand.

  4. Seriously. I’d love to highlight your site with a list of tools and references so that other interested Moodlers might try to replicate some of the look and feel. Let me know if that’d be alright. Connect with me at joseph dot thibault at gmail dot com anytime.


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