Timing The xAPI Doomsday Clock

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The technology is ready. The human component coalesces. Everyone involved is waiting for a small push, the first crack that will crumble every wall and melt all our material and mental barriers, to become one final learning ecosystem based on data. Check out the latest developments in xAPI’s race towards data standards hegemony.

Megan Torrance: xAPI has escaped the geekdom

For those of us who have seen the light and know xAPI is the next step in evidence-based learning technologies, but still fear the avalanche of technicalities we are likely to face, it is advisable to look at those who have already started the trail.

Data-savvy instructional designer Megan Torrance might deserve our attention, among other things because she brings a lesson of hope. She has declared xAPI “geek-free,” and as of now unstoppable on the road to mass adoption. If you struggled through SCORM, getting to know xAPI will feel like earning a new sense (PDF), pointed straight at the learner as they perform in real time. In her view, getting to know xAPI is understanding how “it is not revolutionary in its technology,” given that for decades we’ve had the tools to track learning. xAPI’s real might is interoperability. Understand the basic tenets of xAPI, and you will be able to critically see any educational technology, and explore its possibilities within the context of integration.

In short, xAPI is a language of insight about the learning process. Constant dialog under the xAPI language will take learning as a human effort to levels only dreamed of so far. The title of her upcoming keynote for AACE E-Learn brings the point home: “xAPI is Ready For Us. And We’re Ready For It.

Read “‘Geek-Free’ xAPI Captures Rich Data in Any ID Model” at

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More xAPI shorts

  • xAPI and Business Intelligence: Yet Analytics’ Allie Tscheulin joins Torrance’s quest to demythify xAPI, with an exploration of an LRS merged to a BI enterprise application, with a Big Data infusion. This enables Chief Learning Officers or equivalent top-level managers to visualize results in organizational learning efforts, and even trends in learning journeys.
  • H5P’s xAPIevents lets you track open content interaction: The standard in open interactivity H5P continues to embrace xAPI. To date, 14 H5P content types support event reporting and handling under the xAPI vocabulary, thanks to its embedded xAPIevents function which can be used in any activity. Check out the documentation for xAPIevents and read more here. Member of Joubel (the H5P development team) Oliver Tacke illustrates the interaction with an example he built for WordPress, aptly named H5PxAPIkatchu because “it catches’em all xAPI statements!” (See video above.)

Are you ready for the xAPI Singularity?■

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