Top 10 Moodle Posts of 2013

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I’m going to take just a moment to highlight the 10 most viewed posts of 2013 on the blog. It was a great year for Moodle and I have an awesome time learning about all of the Moodle-related happenings and sharing them on the blog. Sometimes I know when some tidbit of Moodle development will be a hit, other times I am pleasantly surprised at the reaction. In any event, there’s never a dull moment and I’m truly grateful for the support, eyes and hits that the blog gets.

Here’s to an awesome 2014.


2013 traffic for all posts all time:

  1. Happy Friday: my top 5 favorite Moodle sites
  2. Easily Customizing your Moodle’s Login Screen
  3. My 5 Favorite Moodle 2.5 Improvements
  4. 7 Colorful Moodle themes from the Haley eLearning Center
  5. LocalHost: Installing Moodle 2.4 on Windows 7 with WampServer
  6. 47 Interesting Ways to Use Moodle in the Classroom (started by @TomBarrett)
  7. New Version of the Bootstrap Theme for Moodle available now
  8. Poodle for Moodle: a desktop Moodle install for offline testing, learning and course construction
  9. Conversionthingy2 update: Convert Moodle backups from 1.9 to 2.0
  10. Blackboard vs Moodle 2.0: 100+ metrics compared head to head by @MoodleRUB

2013 traffic for posts published in 2013 only:

  1. My 5 Favorite Moodle 2.5 Improvements
  2. LocalHost: Installing Moodle 2.4 on Windows 7 with WampServer
  3. New Version of the Bootstrap Theme for Moodle available now
  4. Give your Moodle 2.5 site a MOOC makeover with the “Learn Moodle MOOC” theme
  5. Moodlebook (#Facebook theme) for Moodle 2.4 released
  6. SCORM 2004 Abandonned, Tin Can API the next focus
  7. Check out this Great Looking Moodle dashboard by @EduPristine
  8. Genesis Theme enters the fray (paid premium Moodle themes)
  9. A Comparison of LMS Accessibility (#d2l, #blackboard, #Sakai)
  10. Interactive Moodle Tool Guide (choose your way to the right tool in Moodle)

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