Train your teachers using this experiential Moodle training environment – Verve Ed @VerveEd #MoodleTraining

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Have you faced the challenge of training your teachers about using Moodle and then validate it? Have you faced the lack of interest from teachers about online teaching with Moodle? Here is a new online training platform – Verve Ed, which provides Moodle training and assessment solutions which gives you a quantitative guarantee of your educators proficiency in using Moodle.
Verve Ed, Canberra, Australia based company is a software as a service company which is created by E-Learning specialists. The company brings a fresh approach to helping instructors use the Moodle learning management system. They provides a cloud-based, experiential Moodle training environment for teachers.
Train your teachers using this experiential Moodle training environment - Verve Ed @VerveEd #MoodleTrainingAcc. to the founder of Verve Ed, Robbie Coombs:

“E-learning is a booming industry, but I don’t think many organisations can honestly answer the question, ‘how effective are my teachers in using our LMS technology to achieve improved educational outcomes?
Moodle is widely used to design online courses because it has a great degree of functionality, but that same breadth of functionality can also create confusion and user anxiety about how to use the platform well.”

VerveEd offers a series of self-paced online modules based on real-life teaching scenarios. Users can complete all modules to achieve accreditation, but also revisit any module over and over again to refresh their knowledge.
For more information about the Verve Ed training program, visit their official website here.
Have you faced issues while training your teachers about using Moodle? How you overcame those challenges? Do share with us in the comments section below.
PS: MoodleWorld is not affiliated to Verve Ed through any means.

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