Try out and review Activities with Student Data at Mount Orange

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Mary Cooch has posted a handy new resource available through’s sites as a Moodle tip: you can now try out activities and review submissions from (fake) students who’ve completed the work. This is a handy showcase of how the gradebook, certain assignments like the Workshop, and student data looks to the facilitator or course manager during and post completion. A great way to help you prep for the process of grading and troubleshooting student work. According to the post,

The Moodle School demo site, Mount Orange, has a range of pre-made activities you can try as a teacher (or student) Inspired by our Learn Moodle MOOC last September, there is a course on the School demo called ‘Celebrating cultures’ and here you will find a series of activities completed with student input. (OK maybe not real students but real fake students!)

Want to see how the assessment phase of a workshop works with actual submissions? Log in with the username ‘teacher’ and password ‘moodle’ and you can switch phases and experiment . Want to grade and annotate a pdf? Go to the assignment and practise on one of the uploaded student submissions. There are also a fully functioning and populated database and glossary.

Trying activities with student data gives you a much better insight into how they work, and allows you to troubleshoot any issues you might have on your own Moodle. And because, like our other demo sites, everything is wiped free on the hour, you can be as radical as you like!

Check it out, bang on it and play around (you can’t break anything):



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