Unite your WordPress and Moodle sites together to sell your Moodle courses with the Edwiser Bridge plugin

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Are you looking for selling your Moodle courses with WordPress as your frontend website? Are you looking for simplest way to integrate Moodle with your frontend WordPress website? If yes, then the perfect solution which you are looking for is the Edwiser Bridge plugin.
Recently, the Edwiser team has released the updated version of the Edwiser Bridge plugin with handful changes and new features based on the feedback by users. The new version is a major user-centric update for the plugin which makes it easier for the users to manage the plugin settings.

Key Features:

The Edwiser Bridge plugin is available for free of cost with a lot of premium features like Stress-free installation, WooCommerce integration, Single Sign on, Selective Synchronization etc. The free version has the following awesome features:

  • Import Courses as Drafts to WordPress
  • Sell Moodle Courses from WordPress
  • Automatic Registration on the Moodle LMS
  • Enable/ Disable Registration to Courses
  • Create & Synchronize Course Categories in WordPress
  • Synchronize Enrolled Courses Data for Users
  • View Purchased Course Data in WordPress
  • Enroll / Unenroll Students from WordPress
  • Email Template customization
  • My Courses page
  • Set course access expiry period

Unite your WordPress and Moodle sites together to sell your Moodle courses with the Edwiser Bridge plugin
Managing Email Templates in WordPress

To learn more about the integration between WordPress and Moodle, check out this step by step procedure here.
I believe that Edwiser Bridge is the plugin which can help many individual Moodle teachers who wish to teach online by providing an easy way to sellout their courses. Check out the other premium extensions for Edwiser Bridge here. You can download your free copy of Edwiser Bridge here and give it a try to sell your courses online without any hassle.
How you are integrating WordPress with your Moodle learning platform? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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