Voting for the next Moodle Users Association Development Cycle ends 6/30

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The next cycle for the Moodle Users Association is ending and votes are due by 6/30. There are 10 awesome membership sponsored projects that are under consideration.

If you’re interested in any of the projects listed previously, it’s not too late to vote (or event to join as a membership and vote!).

The project we were most interested at Moodlenews this cycle currently has 15000 votes (3rd place as of this writing): Expanded Question Bank Management/Categorization.

I’m a huge proponent of the project which was submitted by Trevor Jones of the University of Alberta. The project aims to create a more dynamic management system for test banks rather than the static and sometimes restrictive vertical hierarchy. I think it’s a novel approach that would allow teachers to assess based on topic, difficulty, or chapter (or combinations thereof) based on how the test banks were created. Imagine a test bank item in US History which was labeled both by chapter and by content. You could assign it when students read that chapter, or you could assign it when you want to assess a student’s overall concept knowledge.

From the description, “We propose adding a more flexible layer for question management in the question bank by creating a metadata layer (labels) for questions which is manageable by instructors at the course level. These labels would be usable with a ‘random question from set’ question type.”

Learn more at

I’ve cast our votes for this project, but look forward to the membership voting outcome no matter how it shakes out.

Here’s to democracy in open source in action!



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