Want to customize the Moodle mobile experience? Check out these options shared by Juan Leyva #moodlemobile

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Have you ever wondered about customizing the default Moodle Mobile app to customize the mobile experience for your learners, for your teachers and yourself? The official Moodle mobile app comes with many options and ways to customize the App to meet your requirements.
During the recently concluded MoodleMoot Ireland & UK 2017, Juan Leyva – Moodle Mobile Team Leader, Moodle HQ presented about the ways and options to customizing the moodle mobile app. The presentation has important details about the features already available in the Mobile App settings to help create the suitable mobile learning experience.
Want to customize the Moodle mobile experience? Check out these options shared by Juan Leyva #moodlemobileTo customize the Moodle Mobile app, you need to install the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin or upgrade to Moodle 3.3. Any customization you choose from the administration setting will be applied to the app when connecting to your Moodle site.

Here the 5 ways to customize the Moodle Mobile app:

  • Different Theme for your Mobile App: The Moodle Mobile App can retrieve your custom styles from your Moodle site. Simply, Go to Administration > Site administration > Mobile app > appearance and enter in the mobilecssurl field a valid URL pointing to a CSS file containing your custom styles.
  • Disabled Features for Mobile App: You can enable/disable any feature in the Moodle mobile app including Moodle activities. This is much required to make a perfect app for your requirements.
  • Customise language strings: Literally speaking, you can change almost any language string for your mobile app. You can use the familiar words for Labels, Links & menu items etc. You can customize the language strings from Custom language strings” (customlangstrings) setting in Administration > Site administration > Mobile app > Mobile features. For a complete list of string identifiers which can be customized see this list.
  • Add new Menu items: Additional items can be added to the app’s main menu y specifying in the “Custom menu items” setting under Administration > Site administration > Mobile app > Mobile features. The link on the main menu can also be opened in the same app, external browser or embedded browser.
  • Security options: Log-out or Change site: You can also make sure that every time the user comes back he has to enter his/her password by checking the Force Log Out checkbox under the settings.

Check out the presentation delivered by Juan below:

If you are a Moodle site administrator and looking to customize your mobile app, then check out this moodle mobile guide for admins. However, if you are looking for the tips to create mobile friendly Moodle courses, check out our previous articles here, here and here.
If you are also looking for a custom branded app for your institution then better have a look on the custom branded Moodle Mobile app service by Moodle HQ.

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