Want To Target Students For Special Support? Try The Mentors-Mentees Plugin

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Some students breeze through coursework or a program, some have to work harder but are able to make it through, others struggle and some never find their way to the end. For those who are on the “challenging” side of this equation, sometimes the best method for helping them through is by pairing them with a mentor, tutor or other personalized support partners.

Fernando Oliveira, maintainer of the Mentors-Mentees block thinks that:

Currently, Moodle does not have an effective way of managing the mentor role.

He’s created the Mentors-Mentees block as a way to solve this problem. The block provides a straight forward way for a “mentor” (which could be a parent, teacher, helper or some other person) monitor the progress of one or more students across multiple courses. The block provides a one stop snapshot of grades, assignment completions, feedback received and more. The Mentor can then use this to provide targeted and timely touch points to those students who are showing signs of trouble – or who have had recent successes.

One especially cool feature of the block is the ability to have email or SMS alerts sent to the Mentor according to pre-defined events (for example when an assignment is uploaded, or a student logs in… or hasn’t logged in for a set period of time). Organized well, this is a great way to stay connected and informed about the student’s experience.

Check out the Mentors-Mentees plugin here.

What is your strategy for targeting support for students? Tell us in the comments below!

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