Want to use Moodle for creating Mobile friendly learning experience? Register for this Free Moodle Mobile MOOC by HRDNZ #MoodleTraining

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Do you want to deliver your Moodle courses for mobile device users? Have you optimized your Moodle course for Mobile devices? There is a great news again for all addressing all such questions from HRDNZ – Moodle Partner from New Zealand.
HRDNZ team is organizing another MOOC course – “Moodle Mobile MOOC” for creating your content for mobile devices. The course will start from November 1st and will be a free of cost MOOC. The course is focused for teachers who are already using Moodle for teaching, but want to go one step ahead by delivering mobile friendly courses to their learners.
Since usage of Mobile devices have taken over the desktop usage, it is more appropriate to create Mobile friendly content for your Moodle courses. Want to use Moodle for creating Mobile friendly learning experience? Register for this Free Moodle Mobile MOOC by HRDNZ #MoodleTraining

Objectives of Moodle Mobile MOOC:

The major objectives and goals of the Moodle Mobile MOOC course are:

  • Provide a real-world experience for teachers that is based entirely on mobile use of Moodle.
  • Explore and explain the use of Communication, Resources, Activities, and media within a mobile Moodle setting.
  • Encourage everyone to share and benefit from this amazing mobile Moodle experience.

The course will run for 4 weeks and will only take your 2-3 hours per week. After successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with an Open Badge and Certificate verifying you completed the course with an official Moodle Partner that represents 10 hours study.

Click here to register for the course

Have you participated in the previous edition of the MOOC? How you are creating Mobile friendly courses in Moodle? Share your innovative ideas, tools and techniques used in creating Mobile friendly courses in the comments section below.

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