Watch And Test The Latest Version Of Audio And Video Recording Moodle Plugin PoodLL

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Users who preordered the latest release are already able to set up PoodLL 3’s family of Moodle plugins. With PoodLL, a teacher can ask for audio and video submissions for assignments. He can then play them and assess them. PoodLL also allows audio and video upload into common Moodle activities, including databases and forums.

PoodLL 3 users also have access to a PoodLL app for iOS that allows users to record and upload files.

PoodLL is a dynamic tool for teaching language acquisition, media production, and communication skills created and maintained by Justin Hunt. Some studies suggest a correlation between public speaking skills and improved faculties such as fluency, confidence, and sense of achievement, body language awareness, even life-long earnings.

Check out the video for an overview of new features, the PoodLL for iOS app, some under-the-hood details of the recording and transcoding technology, and configuration instructions for the PoodLL plugins and templates in Moodle.

You can also try a demo here. To see the full product suite, I recommend first logging in as a student and trying to create some audio and video samples in the different activities. Then log in as a teacher to review the samples.

Then check out the PoodLL family of plugins in their official Moodle pages here.

To find out more and inquire about pricing and availability, visit PoodLL official page here.

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