What Is It Like To Get High-Level Moodle Support From A Moodle Partner?

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From Vermont, Norwich University’s Gail Poitras accepted eThink Education’s invitation to talk about her experiences, both as a Moodle user and as an eThink customer, on a free webinar hosted by the multi-national Moodle Partner. After 20 years, Poitras knows the university and its LMS in-and-out, spanning campuses, approaches, initiatives, and administrations.

Her story is not too different from leading tech-savvy educators who have seen, understood, and harnessed the opportunities of online learning to consolidate and expand educational offerings. In particular, it shares several similarities with University of Northwestern – St. Paul’s Joel Johnson, who also attended the webinar. As UNWSP’s Director of Academic Technology and Online Learning, Johnson also oversaw his institution’s inroad into online offerings, from pilot to innovative unit established at the core of a traditional university.

Moodle was not the first LMS campus administrators knew about and it was definitely not the most marketed. But during the first year of the 2000s, many officials went through arduous and error-prone procurement processes, from which Moodle ended up becoming a natural choice once the available LMS features were stacked up. Back then, Moodle was one of the youngest learning platforms, a challenging landscape even for advanced administrators.

Johnson recognizes that Moodle presented several challenges, but thanks to eThink, these were promptly addressed in such a way that the solution restated the value of Moodle. Even though UNSWP was paying for eThink’s premium fee, the returns in the form of expert support helped streamline management processes as deep as the server level. As a result, they found eThink-supported Moodle sites cost-efficient, in addition to being highly reliable and modern. It explains, at least in part, eThink’s above-90% customer retention rates, even for organizations with decades long relationships.

On top of it, both eThink and the universities have managed to sustain a relationship based on valuing openness. eThink has always ensured its business practices do not involve “locking in” customers, giving them the ability to easily get ahold of their data, servers, and settings, should they one day choose to move away and switch Moodle support providers — a possibility that has materialized rarely, a testament to eThink’s ethics, reliability, and confidence in its own virtues.

During the webinar, eThink also took the opportunity to highlight some of the added value of signing up for their Moodle-based solution and support services:

  • “Unlimited” support
  • Customizable reports
  • Free training, including “Moodle 101 (Beginner)” and “Moodle 201 (Advanced)” courses
  • High-level customer service, averaging 39 minutes to respond to tickets and 59 minutes to resolve them

Disclaimer: eThink Education is a MoodleNews sponsor.

eThink LogoThis Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: eThink Education, a Certified Moodle Partner that provides a fully-managed Moodle experience including implementation, integration, cloud-hosting, and management services. To learn more about eThink, click here.

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