What Is The Best Tool For Proactive Collaboration On The Internet? Who Is Asking? The Moodle Users Association

What Is The Best Tool For Proactive Collaboration On The Internet? Who Is Asking? The Moodle Users Association

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Emma Richardson, President of the Moodle Users Association (MUA), is channeling the feelings of members who wish there was a better way to interact among users. In particular, some members wish there was a way like-minded members could find each other; discuss ideas, problems, and thoughts; and potentially collaborate through dedicated threads to benefit the Moodleverse at large with new content, plugins, and other tools and resources.

MUA members are invited to respond to Richardson’s one-question survey, which offers three options as to what would be the best way give entrepreneurial members an “Additional Community Space.” The three choices, which might have a fourth, “Other” option with a blank field, are:

A Separate Moodle Association Forum. Technically, MUA already has a “Community Space” in the site’s forums. But judging by the type of interactions that have taken place there, Richardson doubts the page is ideal for the kind of collaborative interactions some members expect. This could also be due to disinformation, in turn probably due to ineffective efforts of promoting the site as the place for other things beyond administrative issues and questions to the managing committee.

A Slack Channel. Perhaps the most popular team communications app available, Slack continues to gain ground across technology related fields, and EdTech is no exception. With an increasing number of features, shortcuts, special commands, and formatting choices, the tool caters to a wide net of characters.

Prominent Moodler Mike Churchward from POET has built a Slack message processor plugin for Moodle, which allows users to link their Slack account and Moodle user profiles.

Check out this Slack-Moodle Plugin Experiment

Some Moodle teams have already embraced Slack, notably among them the organization team behind Mountain Moot.

A Telegram Group. Churchward has built a similar functionality to get Moodle notifications on the Telegram app.

Sign up with your membership ID at to cast your vote. The window for responding to the survey is currently unspecified.

Find out more about MUA involvement and membership options here.

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