What Moodle HQ Has Been Up To, Come Moodle 3.4

What Moodle HQ Has Been Up To, Come Moodle 3.4 | Lo Que la Casa Matriz de Moodle Prepara Para Moodle 3.4

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New lines of development for an always-current EdTech technology, as well as refinements at varying degrees of visibility, is the landscape of the work currently taking place at Moodle HQ to progress towards Moodle 3.4, which is scheduled for release next November. A post at shares some of the details and ideas shaping up to be part of the next release.

Moodle 3.3 brought some interesting surprises. The community welcomed them and its spirit of an engaging, relevant, and impactful learning experience. But the tinkerers among us were also keen to pinpoint some rough areas and key improvements to be made. Thus, as a response to community feedback, some improvements to the new features continue to be made for version 3.4:

  • My Course Overview, which shows critical courses of action for students in real time, will offer better navigation and more visualization options.
  • Mobile integration will continue further. Students accessing Moodle from a mobile browser will be more strongly encouraged to access the site using the Moodle Mobile app. This will allow students to access more functionality, such as offline access, along with faster response.
  • Project Inspire is progressing steadily. Developers are working hard to bring the Inspire plugin into Moodle 3.4. The power of Inspire’s prediction and its customizability are big skills to bring to the table.

New Stuff

Both the refinements and the new features coming share one thing in common: usability. The new items in development, while working mostly under the hood, will make working in Moodle a more comfortable experience for teachers and developers.

  • Participants and enrolled users merge. Moodle has two lists of users in different places, which are almost identical except for a couple of arbitrary fields. This split is often to blame when not everybody in your class gets your messages. This new development will sort this out.
  • Dynamic SCSS compilation. Interface and layout developers will be able to immediately check changes on the site and enjoy more configuration options.

Read more at, where you can find links to every issue in the Moodle Tracker.

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