What The Moodle Users Association Is, Does And Will In 2017

What The Moodle Users Association Is, Does And Will In 2017

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Connected Conference OpenLMS, the official Moodle blog, recently shared highlights of a chat with freshly appointed MUA Chair for 2017, Steve Powell. The subject: 2017.

The Moodle Users Association Inc. is an entity that, even though it was founded by the Moodle founder and current CEO, and has him as member, works independently from Moodle Pty Ltd, the developer of the Moodle Core. Admittedly, the independence is not emphasized, and often not really relevant, except for bringing transparency and diverse voices from all kinds of “Moodlers” who join.

MUA members work to support Moodle as a whole, its development and the relationship with Moodle Partners, the official Moodle and Moodle-adjacent services providers. Partners and Moodle HQ staff are often members of MUA, who now counts over 150.

Last October, Steve Powell rose to the top of MUA. As a veteran “Moodler” and Learning Technology Team Leader at Lancaster University, not only he lives and breathes Moodle, he is quite opinionated about its future.

One of the activities Powell is most proud to lead is MUA’s efforts in selecting, structuring and funding the implementation of projects to enhance Moodle, be it features of the whole. But since the quality of the technical development begins with a robust number of members that are representative of as many Moodle use cases as possible, Powell is assuming his role of advocate with as much focus as his technological commitments. This includes, among other things, a more prominent role of MUA in 2017’s MoodleMoots.

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