Which Projects Received The Most Votes In The First Moodle User Association Project Cycle?

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The votes have been tallied and the Members of the Moodle Users Association have spoken about the projects they would most like to see in the next version of the core software. Without further delay, here are the top 10:

  1. Progress bar – 3514
  2. Lesson Improvements – 3476
  3. Allow custom course fields (extend course metadata) – 3311
  4. Send Scheduled Messages – 3295
  5. Self Assessment & Peer Review – 3295
  6. Student alert for submission due dates – 3295
  7. Activity Bulk Settings updater – 3110
  8. Improvements to Announcements (formerly News Forum) – 3095
  9. My course – dashboard – 3063
  10. Combine “Enrolled Users” and “Participants” list – 2701

As you can see, the voting was tight, showing that there is both a ton of great work to be done and that people are paying attention.

So what happens next?

The next part of the cycle, which goes through May 2, is to breathe more depth and specificity into these project ideas. This will then allow for the jump to Phase II in June where Moodle will provide a cost estimate for each of the proposed projects and real decision making about what will be undertaken gets going.

Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far. You can still do so by becoming a Member of the MUA by clicking here.

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