Who are the Moodle Guardians?

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Launched as a way for to better serve the plugin and addon community, Moodle Guardians are experienced Moodle developers who volunteer their time to review, comment on, guide, and ultimately approve plugins submitted to the community.

plugins-guardian-logoAt one point in the last 2 years there was a significant backlog in the Plugins Database brought on by a lack of efficiency in the review and approval process. That issue was taken head on by David Mudrák and the Guardians are one of the ways that the submissions process has been streamlined and improved. Note that the peer review process is only one of the considerations when evaluating plugins for approval to the database for download.

Current Guardians include Rex Lorenzo, Tomasz Muras, Dan Marsden and Anthony Borrow (check out the group here)

The Guardian mission is three-fold:

  1. Help to build healthy and sustainable eco-system of Moodle plugins.
  2. Protect the Moodle sites from dangerous, unreliable and generally badly written plugins.
  3. Serve the plugin authors by providing them with honest feedback on their work, together with suggestions on how to learn to improve their code.

Within the group there are mechanisms for earning experience points to earn group status and badges (similar to that of the Particularly Helpful Moodlers). If you have experience developing for Moodle or evaluating other code and want to help advance the mission, check out for instructions on how to sign up.

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