xpLor coming to a Moodle near you for free?

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xplorlogoYesterday at the Baltimore Moot I participated in an extended look at xpLor, Moodlerooms and Blackboard’s slick content repository and activity tool which allows you to create once and distribute to one or more courses, sites or even different learning management systems all using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) as a common framework.


The system has integrated all of the Khan Academy content as a starting point and it has been tagged and categorized based on subject area, grade level and common core standard ready for k-12 teachers to use it in their courses. Once out of beta though there’s hope that this platform will become a trove of valuable content, quizzes, assignments and resources created and shared by the community of teachers using the platform.

Below is a general breakdown of the Freemium vs Paid versions of the platform.


  • Assignment (limited to online text only)
  • Quizzes (limited)
  • Links
  • Pages
  • Discussions (limited)
  • No file upload
  • more limited object repository

No dates or pricing have been published, but our guide through the platform for 2 hours, Marcelo Mendes of Moodlerooms, suggested that the Blackboard/Moodlerooms customer launch (it’s currently just a limited beta) was imminent and that a more general Moodle community launch should come sometime in the future. While details are light about the launch dates, Blackboard and Moodlerooms have been building up the web presence of the tool.

Read more at:

Checkout the newest xpLor video at

2 Responses

  1. For Blackboard/Moodlerooms customers, charging for a premium version of this is asinine. Getting people to share content in learning object repositories is a challenge as it is, and so charging people for that ability is product suicide. I know that they’ll argue that you can still share in the free model, but content creators/instructors aren’t going to want to have to consider which aspects of their activities can be shared in the free version vs. the paid version. Content creators/instructors simply want to be able to create content and share it.

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