A Facebook LMS? More Facebook In Education (And Moodle) News

¿Un LMS de Facebook? Más noticias de Facebook en educación (y en Moodle)

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A series of trial features in Facebook Groups seems to be the social network’s way of entering the EdTech field. For selected Groups, moderators can add “course units,” which include topical contents and resources.

An official spokesperson reiterated that the feature is only in the “early testing” stage and suggested that a more formal announcement will be ready later in the year. This, along with recent news of a partnership with online education platform Udacity, once again brings up the question of Facebook’s education ambitions.

Oculus Education Pilot in California

The Facebook-owned maker of VR headsets and technology is announcing a partnership with 90 libraries across the state. 100 kits of Oculus Rift headsets and computers will showcase the latest in virtual reality for all visitors. 2 kits will be available in Los Angeles.

The program will be rolling out throughout June and July. No information on the VR content accessible at the libraries is currently available. Oculus has also announced support for upcoming education initiatives and research projects.

Read more here.

Facebook’s InspirED

Launched a year ago, InspirED is a program looking to influence a school’s organizational climate through social media. It provides resources to “design projects that will positively impact school communities.”

Find out about the team-building process and read some case studies at

CEO thinking about education

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a classroom where students follow their own pace, and educators are “helpmates.” In his commencement address at Harvard last month, Zuckerberg shared other ideas about “revolutionizing education” and political participation.

This follows last year’s announcement of a “free student-directed learning system” for 120 schools around Silicon Valley with the support of a charter school network. On this system, students will be free to choose their own projects and complete them at their own pace.

The vision, part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative rather than Facebook itself, focuses on providing access to personalized learning to a billion students over the next decade.

Moodle 3.3’s OAuth 2 authentication covers Facebook sign-up

While the integration with Microsoft and Google were among the key announcements of last month’s Moodle 3.3 launch, the OAuth 2 protocol that supports it is also compatible with any OAuth 2-compliant site, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

To enable Moodle login using Facebook, you need to create an “App” in Facebook, which is a simple developer form that connects Facebook to the Moodle site.

Find out more at

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