Act fast!! Preliminary voting for MUA Jul-Dec project development cycle closing on 14th Sep @moodleassoc #Moodle

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Preliminary voting for the current project development cycle i.e. Jul-Dec 2016 of Moodle User’s Association will close on 14th September. You can cast your vote for your favorite projects out of the total 10 submitted projects by different Moodle community members.
After the preliminary voting, the project requirements will be finalized before 01st November which will be then reviewed by the committee again followed by the final voting cycle.
Act fast!! Preliminary voting for MUA Jul-Dec project development cycle closing on 14th Sep @moodleassoc #MoodleThe current project proposals includes the following –

  • Re Propose previous Project – Combine “Enrolled Users” and “Participants” list
  • Ability to set activity due dates relative to enrollment date
  • Improve the Calendar interface
  • Exclude Restricted Activities From Grades
  • Add chapter level restrict access to the Book activity
  • Show Grade Statistics (including Grade Distribution Chart) of results per assessment item/category
  • Re Propose previous Project – Add custom course fields (extend metadata)
  • Course ‘read only’ state
  • Send Scheduled Messages
  • Review Moodle User Experience

You can cast your votes for the interested project proposals here.

AGM of Moodle Users Association

Also, the first Annual General Meeting of Moodle User’s Association will held on Sep 28 along with MoodleMoot Australia. During the AGM, new committee members will be finalized based on the number of votes received along with other important meeting points.
So, If you are going to Moodle Moot Australia then you can attend it physically, otherwise you can join the first AGM of MUA through this online meeting room link.
Which project you are going to cast your vote for? Which project is going to get maximum votes? Share your thoughts and guesses in the comments section below.

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