Update on the #Blackboard Acquisition and Moodle

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Read our previous post on the Blackboard acquisition, including the invaluable comments, here:

There’s an update from Blackboard on the public response to the Blackboard acquisition of Wimba and Elluminate from Ray Henderson, President of Blackboard Learn,

I love Elluminate/Wimba – but don’t use Blackboard for learning management.  Will I have to use Bb in order to keep using Elluminate or Wimba?
I want to underline the answer to this one: we want to support educational collaboration wherever it occurs, and regardless of LMS.  To that end, we’ll support current integrations for Elluminate and Wimba with all the major LMS providers.  For open source, that’s largely in our own control.  For commercial providers we’ll need their partnership, but I’ve already reached out to some in this arena and am optimistic about this potential.  I know that some still doubt our commitment here, but I can only say it’s real and that I’ll be happy for us to be judged on our actions in this regard. [link]

So it appears that Blackboard will continue to develop and support Wimba/Elluminate integrations into Moodle and will post the plug-ins (hopefully) into the plug-in repository at  Though, as Ray says, they’ll need to be judged on their actions in this regard.


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  1. Nice article. Any idea WHEN it was published? Any info that is supposed to be up to date (or an update) and is time sensitive. A post from 2008 isn’t nearly as relevant as a post from this week. PLEASE post article dates!

    Thanks for the BB/Eluminate info. Since the acquisition was this year, I am assuming (hoping!) this article is current.

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