Blackboard And VitalSource Partner To Provide Timely, Cost-Deferred Digital Textbooks Within LMS

Blackboard And VitalSource Partner To Provide Timely, Cost-Deferred Digital Textbooks Within LMS

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In a new instance of content integration into LMS, Blackboard has announced its partnership with VitalSource, a pairing that will provide timely access to learning materials. According to Blackboard’s Phill Miller, the logistics of content procurement for students is often overlooked, which makes it even more important. But among the prevailing friction, the “Inclusive Access Model,” bundling textbook costs into tuition fees, is starting to successfully tackle the problem of students having trouble accessing content at the right time during a course or semester due to budget constraints.

According to VitalSource’s stats, 85% of students delay or avoid purchasing educational materials required for successful coursework follow-up. Half of them, or more than 40% the student population, manifest that delayed access to materials has a negative impact on their grades. The partnership will not only alleviate this problem, which should positively impact student outcomes, but also increase cost-effectiveness and control over processes including delivery, tracking, and billing.

The San Franciso-based VitalSource provides digital textbooks for sale or rent, delivered on a cutting-edge technological platform that supports third-party integration and global procurement of educational content.

Phill Miller is Blackboard’s VP of Teaching and Learning.

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