Can Peerwork Earn Your Team Love In Time For #BestOfMoodle2019 Even If It’s Not On The Official Moodle Plugin Directory?

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Peerwork (or Peer Assessment) is a group-based assessment activity that lets a student make a submission on behalf of a group. It includes a few extra handy features for group-based activities:

  • File submission by one user of behalf of its group.
  • It allows students to grade the members of their group. The teacher can allow, require or disable a justification. If it’s available, they can choose whether students can access what their peers wrote about them.
  • The grading can be over one or more criteria (rubrics), using various different scales
  • The teacher can decide how much of the peer grading to take into account for the student activity grade. They also have the chance to revise the automatic weighting.
  • Manual or random team creation.
  • General options of an ordinary assignment: Deadlines, file size and extension limit, notifications, scoring type or scale and more.

A dedicated dashboard will let you keep track of group and individual activity.

The final grade will automatically appear on the Moodle Gradebook on a dedicated column along with the rest of graded activities of your course.

Peerwork has been in development since 2013. It is currently maintained by international Moodler of mystery Jez H and Naomi Wilce at City University London, with support from Kevin Moore at Coventry University. It has been successfully

How to install a Moodle plugin that is not on the Moodle Plugin Directory

Think of the Moodle Plugin Directory, at, as the Play Store of your Android device. (This metaphor does not work for Apple.) You still have the chance to install apps overriding the Play Store, simply by downloading or otherwise transferring it to your device.

The same goes for Moodle. If you have the ZIP package for the plugin, installing it on your Moodle site is easy:

  1. Before you start, confirm the plugin is compatible with your version of Moodle. (Unless you are a plugin tester and know what you’re doing—see next section.)
  2. Log on your Moodle site as an administrator.
  3. Head down to Administration Site administrationPluginsInstall plugins.
  4. Under the “Install plugins from ZIP file” heading, you have the choice to either click on the upload button to open your computer’s file explorer, or drag the ZIP from your computer onto the drop off area of the window.
  5. Once uploaded, click on the “Install Plugin from the ZIP file” button. It will open a validation page with some technical details. It might allow you to add some final options or details.
  6. If all goes well, you will see a “Validation successful” message at the end of the technical list. Click “Continue.”
  7. Many plugins might launch an initial settings page afterwards, or the first time you use it. Otherwise, the process is done.

More details and troubleshooting are available at

You might want to overpass the Moodle Plugin Directory if

  • You trust the source of the plugin ZIP package you’re about to install.
  • You want to try new features on a plugin that’s in “beta.” That is, they could have some bugs left to fix. (Maybe your friend is a Moodle Plugin developer who wants your help testing things out. Only recommended for advanced users.)
  • You don’t want to wait the review queue by Moodle (estimated to be in the months).
  • You are acquainted with the Command Line Interface and your workflow is integrated with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket or a similar repository with version control properties.
  • The developer chooses not to make the plugin publicly available.
  • You do not have a account, or prefer not to link it to your Moodle site account.
  • You use the Moodle Plugin Directory, but find comfort in the fact that you are not tied to any one monopolistic provider.

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