Core skills screening through Moodle Quizzes – MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 #mootieuk17

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Core Skills are five skills that are key to learning and working in today’s world. According to SQA, employers have identified these five skills as those most likely to be needed in a work environment. Although any job will never need proficiency in all five skills but some level of ability is required in some or all the skills.
The five core skills are:

  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Information and Communication Technology,
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Others

How you can screen these skills in Moodle? Janvier Nkurunziza – from City of Glasgow College, presented about “Core Skills screening through Moodle Quizzes to assess and meet the needs of students” during the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017. Check out the video recording of the presentation below:

During the presentation, Janvier discussed about the strategy and approach adopted for screening the skills through Moodle quizzes and how it had resulted in saving a lot of time and resources.

Matching Moodle Tools to Students Core Skills

In another presentation shared by Tracey Collins for “Matching Moodle Tools to Students Core Skills” during MoodleMoot AU 2014. Tracey gives a quick overview about the Moodle tools which are best suited for learning, reading, writing and oral tests. Check out the presentation slides below:

Are you using Moodle for screening the core skills of your students? Which Moodle tools you are using for screening and assessment? Share your innovative ideas with us in the comments section below.

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