Dircom and Open LMS: The Ideal Partnership for Corporate Communication Professionals

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In order to adapt to new teaching processes, Dircom now relies on the solid, reliable, and scalable digital learning platform provided by Open LMS

eLearn Magazine had the opportunity to talk to Paz Uruñuela de la Rica, Director of Content and Training at Dircom, to learn about Open LMS’ impact, which is supported by eLearning Media (Open LMS’ channel partner in Spain,) in providing a quality virtual campus for this professional association.

Read on to discover how the journey towards adoption of a reliable platform through Open LMS and eLearning Media unfolded.

With its interest in enhancing communication’s value and functions, offering specialized training in corporate communication, strategy, storytelling, social media, audiovisual storytelling, audio, and leadership through communication, the association needed a new LMS system to effectively scale its academic campus to further strengthen the mission of bolstering the role of communication and the communication manager in organizations, so that they are perceived as strategic.

An Ideal Platform for an Ideal Partnership

Before Open LMS, Dircom offered its courses through video tools, specifically Zoom. In order to have an autonomous and quality virtual system, led by the association’s content and training team, it adopted the Open LMS learning management system, acquiring the capacity to manage numerous courses and workshops specialized in corporate communication for members and other communication professionals.

Dircom can now offer:

               1. The creation of better designs in the programs’ training itineraries
               2. Cloud hosting of documentation
               3. Improved design of program training itineraries
               4. Downloadable certificates
               5. Self-correcting evaluation tests for students

With the services of Open LMS, the association’s training space, the delivery of workshops and specialized courses in corporate communication has become a more intuitive and structured experience for all students.

“The reason Dircom chose Open LMS, beyond the technology solution which of course covers our training needs perfectly, was the excellent support service provided by eLearning Media,” says Paz. She also emphasizes the platform’s responsiveness in solving concerns or problems in an agile and efficient way, as well as being able to easily integrate Zoom with Open LMS.

Regarding eLearning Media, Paz says: “It has been an ideal partnership. The professionals at Open LMS and eLearning Media are very aware of what their job should be, and they do it very well, in an agile and efficient way. Overall, it has been a very satisfying experience.”

In the first 20 months of the system’s activity, Dircom has had approximately 1,500 students in its different training programs. During this time, various performance tests and satisfaction surveys on the platform’s role in improving the programs have been developed. These have received a high level of satisfaction among Dircom’s internal and external associates.

Thanks to this positive reception of the LMS, the association has further ensured that it meets its primary objectives by offering quality training through the platform. “I think that Open LMS gives us that coverage and that the training participants rate it very positively. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive and adaptable platform,” concludes Paz

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