Edunao added to the Moodle Partner network in France #MoodlePartner

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In a recent announcement, Edunao, from France, has been added to the growing network of the Moodle Partner across the world.
Edunao has long contributed to the Moodle project as a member of the global Moodle community. Now as a Moodle Partner, the organisation will use the Moodle trademark and provide certified Moodle services to its customers, while helping to financially support core Moodle development.
“After years contributing to the work of the Moodle community, the Edunao team is proud to join the network of Moodle Partners” commented Cyril Bedel (CEO) and Valéry Frémaux (CTO) of Edunao. “Becoming a Moodle Partner gives Edunao direct access to Moodle HQ innovation. Edunao is happy to join the Moodle Partners community to better serve its clients and partners.”
Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, said “We’re so pleased to have Edunao, a company with proven experience with Moodle and a genuine passion for digital learning, join the Moodle Partners group. Their extensive knowledge of Moodle enables them to deliver high quality services to current and future Moodle users in France.”

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