Edutechnica Update LMS Market Share Data: Bb and Moodle Maintain, Canvas Gains

Edutechnica Update LMS Market Share Data- Bb and Moodle Maintain, Canvas Gains

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The folks over at Edutechnica have released their third annual update on LMS market share. Let’s dive right into the data:

Detailed 2015 LMS usage data for higher education institutions with > 700 enrollments (United States)

Blackboard and Moodle have, essentially, maintained.

The biggest eye opener, IMO, is that Canvas is growing at “a pace of around 2 new higher education institutions per week on average.” That’s fantastic and certainly bodes well for Instructure as they prepare for an IPO in the near future. And, when considering schools of 2000 FTE a greater for an apples to apples comparison with previous years, Canvas has overtaken Moodle in market share. However, this is only in the case of the US market – outside the use, Moodle and Blackboard continue to hold court.

Other high level notes I found especially interesting, or worthy of mention from the report:

  • The switching cost from one LMS to another continues to decrease and more and more institutions are taking advantage of this
  • The fastest growing hosting platform is open source LMS wth but vendor based hosting
  • The market continues to consolidate under 6 “major” platforms

Is your institution committed to Moodle, or are you considering a move to another platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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