GSOC 2017 And Moodle, Google’s Summer Of Code, 11 Years Strong

GSOC 2017 And Moodle, Google's Summer Love For Code, 11 Years Strong

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Once again, as it’s customary now, every summer since 2006, Moodle plays a part in Google Summer of Code, or GSOC. This year’s participation was recently announced at the official blog.
GSOC lets students tackle real-life software problems over three months. More than ten thousand students from more than 100 countries have taken part in the event since its inception, Moodle reports.
Last year, students from Romania, Sri Lanka, India and Canada made interesting additions to the Moodle system. They all received supervision by senior Moodle HQ members, such as David Mudrák.
It is no secret that top talent in computer science and programming finds attractive opportunities with commercial sectors and large tech companies. For students, contributing to an Open Source technology can be an interesting emblem to get more open doors. Working for Moodle has the potential added benefit of receiving lots of critical and prompt feedback, something not always easy to find for other technologies, let alone on proprietary software. This year, leaders at Moodle HQ have prepared work briefings and “professional processes and workflows” for contributors, to increase the value of their work and the experience as a whole.
Which improvements would you like to see in Moodle, or work on during the summer? Share your voice!

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