Highlights Of MoodleMoot Global 2019 Conference Day 1: Moodle 3.8, H5P + A Gush Of Partners, Plugins & Integrations

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Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

After a day of workshops and “devJam,” the First MoodleMoot Global kicked off in full with the keynote from Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas.

On the first day, a private ceremony was also the first Moodle Partner Awards ever. The full list of winners is TBD.

Opening keynote

Among the few differences from previous interventions, he revealed the new hanzi for Moodle in Chinese:

It also set a historic occasion when Svein-Tore Griff of H5P fame took the stage.

H5P leads the set of new features in Moodle 3.8, launched just days before.

Dougiamas quickly went over the current portfolio. Will everything stop being called “Moodle” soon?

A plea for a higher end was the necessary touch to finish and officially inaugurate the Moot at ESADEFORUM. That, and a picture.

H5P workshop led by ‘Falcon’ himself

“Falcon” is the nickname Griff chose for himself (and also his GitHub handle). He introduced H5P to the few still living under the Open EdTech rock; and gave details on the Moodle-H5P integration.

Few more bits on Moodle Workplace

Still very much under wraps, we learned a few new things on Moodle’s plea to corporates:

  • It will be developed by selected Moodle Partners on independent project tracks.
  • It’s set to be available January 2020.
  • Plans continue to be revised on a daily basis!

IntelliBoard: By-default privacy compliant

Dr. Riney quickly deals with a series of common questions she’s getting in recent days. There were suggestions that IntelliBoard captures student data without the user acknowledgment. This could have implications for GDPR compliance, the European ruling.

Riney details the data capturing process of IntelliBoard, which at no point takes information away from the LMS. It does not access nor store any private data, making it “compliant by default.”

She also discusses the clever ways in which IntelliBoard assess actual LMS activity. You could have Moodle on one screen and Netflix in another. IntelliBoard makes sure the analytics account for that and reveal meaningful interactions.

Wooclap: Unique live classroom interaction technology

By signing up to a live classroom from your phone (no app needed), the presenter can continuously invite input from participants. Simple, visually appealing, and evidence-based, Wooclap adoption should grow across Basic (where it’s free) and Higher Ed.

Unicheck: If your plagiarism checker doesn’t do this, it will be tricked

Not all plagiarism checkers are made equal. Many have already been figured out by students. Then there’s the “contract cheating” situation, how could a software address that? The answer lies in a little Machine Learning magic.

My Learning Consultant: ‘unHosting,’ the best Moodle technology in recent years?

A long development process reflecting decades of careful listening to the needs of teachers and non-savvy users led to “unHosting,” an impressive solution based on flexibility and automation. Find your plugin straight from the LMS and it will take care of installing it and keeping it up to date forever.

Evening panel with Moodle HQ

The Moodle HQ star squad (minus CPO Stene) joined the audience for an open QA. Issues included UX, unfounded security concerns, the “Canvas LMS situation” and obstacles (and possible avenues?) to make money out of Moodle plugin development.

These topics were also mentioned

It’s all on tape! Relive day on video

Opening keynote

Global room morning session

Ulm University’s Alexander Bias (Statistics crawler), Titus Learning‘s Marcus Green (How to become a Moodle Developer), 3ipunt‘s Mitxel Moriana (Turning Moodle into an Angular PWA App), Sapporo Gakuin University’s Don Hinkelman (Internship Journal Management), University of Iowa’s Rick Jerz (Personal Moodle), Moodle HQ’s Emilio Lozano (Moodle Workplace), 3ipunt‘s Pau Plana (Accessibility), Moodle HQ’s Doug Belshaw (MoodleNet), Carnegie Mellon University’s Adam Welle (Virtual cyber exercises).

See Green’s slides:

Perth room morning session

Enovation‘s Gary Mahon (Learn2Analyze), ETH Zürich and MUA‘s Thomas Korner (Learning Design), University of Porto’s Hugo Ribeiro (Safe Exam Browser), University of Münster’s Tobias Reischmann (Opencast), Fortech Solutions’ Kathryn Fortin (Moodle versus commercial LMS), NC State‘s Marty Dulberg (Feature requests), Shivaji University Kolhapur Maharashtra’s Urmila Pol (Active learning), The Open University‘s Davina Beegoo-Price (Moodle mobile).

Barcelona room morning session

BeForGet, Vodafone Spain and 3ipunt (Youth4Good), Blindside Network’s Jesus Federico (BigBlueButton), Tonya Riney (Intelliboard), MEDIAL‘s Rob Thomas (Video engagement), Wooclap (live classroom interactivity), Kaltura‘s Ben English (Video engagement), Universitat de les Illes Balears’ Antonio Fernández-Coca (Voice).

Global room afternoon session

eDaktik’s Andreas Hruska (Availability Conditions), The Open University‘s Tim Hunt (Embedding questions), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s Marc Alier (Modding Moodle), eWallah’s Renaat Debleu (Code coverage), ETH Zürich‘s Thomas Korner (Interactive learning), Universidad de Málaga’s Carlos Romero Mas (Virtual PC), Ulm University‘s Alexander Bias and Kathrin Osswald (Moodle cohort toolkit), eWallah’s Renaat Debleu (Cloud services for small and medium installations).

Perth room afternoon session

University of Helsinki‘s Heikki Wilenius (Moodlefying assessments in medical education), Universidad Católica Redemptoris Mater’s (Virtual Education in Nicaragua), RWTH Aachen University’s Susanne Kubiak (Strategic changes, developments, support structures), Université de Lausanne’s Jean-François Van de Poel (User support), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University’s Na Li and Roland Sherwood (Tracking Student Attendance), Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles’ Thomas Verniers (Escape Game 100% in Moodle).

Barcelona room afternoon session

Wiris‘ Gaspar Perez (Math plugins), Copypaster, Turnitin‘s Mark Harnor (Gradescope), My Learning ConsultantsJonathan Moore (unHosting), CodeGrade’s Devin Hillenius and Youri Voet (Automatic feedback).

Afternoon panel

Part of our MootGlobal 2019 coverage #MootGlobal19

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