IBM To Support Data Centers and Expanding Operations For Moodle Partner Blackboard

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Blackboard and IBM revealed further details about their recent partnership in a new press release. We covered the partnership announcement in a previous article.

IBM will manage 28 data centers for Blackboard, and will support Blackboard expansion of cloud services. Cloud services for educational institutions are a big bet on the part of Blackboard’s future.

Moodlerooms is perhaps Blackboard’s most familiar product for moodlers. It remains to be seen what the changes will be in the offering, if IBM substitutes existing features with their own, security and analytics being of particular interest. X-Ray Analytics for learning behavior has been a selling point for Moodlerooms since its launch.

No actual details on the development of IBM Watson applications for cognitive computing applied to learning analytics were included in the release. It’s been 3 years since IBM’s dashing CEO Ginny Rometty showcased Watson as a cognitive computing solution for businesses and organizations. Systems would inhabit our world to help us better understand it through their ubiquity, classrooms included. In time we would start to live in one “cognitive environment”, where learning by both human and machine would take place everywhere and nowhere. Cloud services would mimic intuition to serve us with knowledge and skills ready to use within the instant.

Stay tuned for more on this partnership.

How do you think IBM and Blackboard’s partnership will play out in the learning industry?

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