Interesting discussion going on about Pluggable Audio/Video players in Moodle #Moodlecommunity

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There is an interesting discussion going on in Moodle developers forums right now about introducing pluggable audio video players in Moodle instead of a single player so that the site administrators can choose which players suits best for their purpose.
Interesting discussion going on about Pluggable Audio/Video players in Moodle #MoodlecommunityThe roots of the discussion dates long back in 2013 when Ruslan created a Moodle tracker issue MDL-38158 to introduce Flowplayer HTML5 as the default HTML5 player in Moodle. However, the issue got a traction in past few days due to the necessity of the issue.
The most notable suggestion in the discussion came from Ruslan as:

I think we need just one filter_media that will act as abstraction layer between media html content (<video>, <audio>, legacy <a>) and Media API, which in turn:

  • implements a new plugin type for media players;
  • makes possible to clearly describe players-specific capabilities in terms of features and supported formats;
  • provides unified process of embedding players from other areas of Moodle
  • informing other areas of Moodle of players features and current configuration;

If you would also like to improve the way how Moodle handles Audios and Videos then you can also provide your feedback/suggestions in this Moodle forum thread.
Which HTML5 player can provide a consistent media experience in Moodle? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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